Sally Armbrecht

singer, writer, editor, dance and movement teacher

I am an Apprentice teacher of Movement Medicine, a conscious dance form to allow people to relax into their bodies and move from within, allowing them to experience a new way of being that differs from our usual living from our brains and conforming to cultural

I am a classically trained singer and I sang in Lapinjärvi’s Wallmokören for 10 years. I have a band called The Nest and also several other music projects with my creative and life partner, Markus Lehtinen. I compose lyrics and melodies that speak about my exploration of life and death, and my love for humans and the natural world. My background in Environmental Education influences my lyrics also, as I sing about my hopes and fears for our global survival.

As a native English speaker, I teach and edit English as a second language for children, adults, private citizens and businesses.

I was born in 1968 in Charleston, West Virginia, in the USA, and have lived in the Lapinjärvi area for 16 years. I currently live in Loviisa during the weeks where our sons go to school and live in Porlammi during the weekends and summers. I have found my home in the beautiful nature of Porlammi.

My hobbies are walking in nature, birdwatching, and skiing. I also have training and passion about living more environmentally sustainably and helping municipalities become more sustainable through investing in local resources.

I am interested in working with others in any of these areas, or better yet, in some creative mix of them all!


Lyckan osaajapankki Sally Armbrecht

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